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  • Chetneet Chouhan

Announcement: My new course going to launch in 2 months

All I can say is these two things.

  1. It's going to be about reading.

  2. It should be launch around the end of May.

Tried to be fancy but failed. During one point of my planning, this picture emerged.

Why making a course?

The best thing about the course is that you can really save a lot of time for the person taking it. Because you know the hurdles and challenges and what works and what does not.

Helps me improve my teaching skill. This course has been forcing me to articulate whatever I know about reading into this consistent format that makes sense.

And developing my body of work.

And future recurring income (hopefully).

Also, some of my new fans have been asking donation boxes where they can donate, I think this is just the highest honor a content creator can get. Thanks so much to everyone who asked. By the way, through this course, you can support me and you are also getting something in return too.

Yep really had to overcome my "SELLOUT" syndrome.

Another reason why I am announcing the course in advance.

  • First - public accountability. - Working alone has no accountability and you can one day just

  • Second - making something will avoid making you feel alienated by the course. I will be taking regular feedback during the process of making this course.

  • Third - Writing each day will make sure I am working on it atleast once a day.

Ch 2: Share Something Small Everyday

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon. Great book to read.

I will keep you all updated on my progress in this course.

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