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Apple's non-social media strategy

“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice."
[Stanford University commencement speech, 2005]” ―Steve Jobs

What if I tell you that to start a business, you don't need social media.

Which at least this is stupid.

Then it will be extreme underutilization of leverage the modern world has to offer.

That's another case of your business does not need customers. But still even for B2B needs someone to buy from them.

To sell, you need to make aware of you.

Without social media, using billboards (traditional advertising) is expensive. And won't guarantee that your potential customers will see that ad.

Using social media to advertise can help you to tell about your services to only those who may need your products. Not everyone who goes through a busy street wants your product.

Example - Samsung s9 users will probably find it useful to get ads of s9's covers. Not Oneplus. But there is an exception. Apple

Apple creates a buzz in this intensity that's enough for it to make the buzz.

And their secretive culture creates hype. Because we love knowing what is forbidden to know.

While other brands love the hype they get from offering offers, Apple has established itself as a premium smartphone brand.

Apple is the only company that can afford to not use social media.

This is an exception. Not a rule.

Watch this amazing video by TechAltar.

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