• Chetneet Chouhan

Each blog post, video, essay is an attempt

Each blog post, video, essay is an attempt. To explore and to learn and to teach.

In CA exams, we don't usually measure it with marks but with attempts.

And I believe this applies in writing too. Or making anything. An YouTube video is an attempt. An essay is an attempt.

In the context of the exam, it is to pass.

In the context of creating, anything, it is an attempt to be useful.

Useful essays are those which have to take care of one niche narrow variable of life but at the same time, every variable of that one thing.

They have completely covered whatever they could with that small variable.

That's what Google use for ranking that made Google the Google.

Most cited research papers (hence the most useful papers) ranks high.

So while writing, it's an ambitious role to be useful.

Than it is to be just good or persuasive.

To be useful means people will refer to that useful video or essay or blog post.

And that’s why you have put out your content for. To help people.

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