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Be Humble.

Being humble means the ability to accept failure and keep on improving without much thought.

If you hate when someone corrects you. You are egoistic. You don’t accept your mistake. Then you are narrow minded.

You stop learning after formal education. You halt your success.

Even the adversity are the part of your success. Not a sign that you have failed.

Do have a quality of humility to your character.

Being humble gives you an edge. When you are humble, you don’t tell others how much you know. But focused on getting others’ point of view. And you can later decide if you want to go with that opinion or not.

When you speak, you are repeating what you already know, but when you listen, you get to know others point of view. It is an unfair advantage for you.

People lose so much opportunity because they were not in the growth mindset. They take others personally, others criticism personally and they become defensive.

Choose your battles carefully. You sometimes need to not talk in part of battle to win the war.

Be humble, be learner. Have a growth mindset.

Thank you for reading.

Chetneet Chouhan


While you expect a lot. Your performance suffers. You stop being grateful. Expectations are Killer of Happiness.

You should also start to take a note about how you reach to things. And how you could have did it differnetly. But keeping all these in your own mind sucks. And you won't able to build a libriary of your own thoughts and see how they are keep evolving. (And that feels so much good). Keep a journal or a mini diary to write down stuff. (Mini Note | Remember More.)


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