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Be specific in your Speech | 12 Rules For Life

I have been reading 12 Rules of Life by Jordan Peterson sir.

This chapter in one particular has impacted me a lot.

Be specific when you speak.

Say what you mean, so that you can find out what you mean. Act out what you say, so you can find out what happens. Then pay attention. Note your errors. Articulate them. Strive to correct them. That is how you discover the meaning of your life. That will protect you from the tragedy of your life. How could it be otherwise? - Excerpt from the book.

Say what you really meant to say. Don't assume others will understand your intention. Or why you are saying it. Or how terrible you are feeling.

If you don't say it and specify it. Chaos will be in each chat you have. Every conversation you have in your lifetime.

But when you start to put your mind into words. Things get out of chaos. The dragon loses its power over you. You will gain the power of clarity.

And in the bonus, another person will also get to know your thoughts. Erasing preassumptions about you. Making space for the new ones. The new you. Because we are all always be changing.

Don't like something? Say it. You may hurt their feelings now but they will appreciate your raw honesty.

Remember, if your friend doesn't like your raw honesty, congratulations, you have found a friend that you should not have.

Do read this book. Jordan Peterson sir is an amazing thinker.

Suggestion - Start journalling and articulate your feelings and things into that notebook. Trust me, you will feel more connected to yourself.


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