• Chetneet Chouhan

Blinkist + Medium = the new learning framework

Learning is not Attained by Chance, It must be Sought for with Ardor and Attended to with Diligence.
―Abigail Adams

I was learning about Blockchain. And I invented this learning model (haha, sounds cool.) If you are learning something on your own, but that topic has a lot of theories and concepts. And you want to have an in-depth understanding. Use this framework.

Blinkist + Medium = learning framework.

From Blinkist, you get book summaries. (Acts as textbooks.)

From Medium, you get opinions. (Acts as a teacher.)

Not so great if you want to gain a very technical training. Like JavaScript or python. It also needs much practice.

But if you want to know about other subjects, Blockchain, general accounting, business, and history. It's a pretty good framework. You can also learn about marketing and entrepreneurship in this way. It has worked for me.

Step by step.

  1. Signup with Blinkist with this link (for 7 days free trial.) (Affiliate link.)

  2. Get Medium membership. (Non-affiliate link.)

  3. Know essential books related to the subject you want to have an in-depth understanding of. And read them on Blinkist.

  4. After getting some solid understanding, go to Medium.com and read publications.

  5. Do take notes while learning.

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