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Do Not Set New Year Resolutions.

I used to set a fixed set of rules which you supposed to follow. Here are some from that are usually developed.

Daily Goals for 2020
– Read 25 minutes
– Eat More Protein
– Wake up 5:00am
– Sleep 10pm
– Go to the gym 5 times a week

And I used to set goals like those too, but then, why wait for 2020 to do these?

I find that if you really want to achieve your goals and work on them, you shouldn't really wait a new year to operate on them.

Then I have come to Tim Ferris's article about setting a review system. Which I found pretty helpful, and I think I should share it with you all. The timing is perfect, new year in just 2 days, so here how it works.

Past Year Review (PYR)

Make two columns, Positive and Negative.

Then in those columns, go from January, one by one till December, and try to remember what went great and what went very bad.

You can also randomly write positive or negative I'd you don't know of which month/week that has happened.

For example, in July, I have start e writing regularly. Hence, that was positive for that month, but in June, I literally did nothing, no writing, and no studying.

You can also go week by week, but I doubt you would recommend that micro-level. 

Now, notice what 5-6 things that provided most of the time the highest satisfaction or sickness. (For both positive and negative).

Get Calender

When done, try to make an effort and get a calendar (or digital calendar, more to this at the end of this article) and schedule more time doing that positive thing. And avoid negative things.

And also, make this one rule to have an ultimate calendar to record all your priority (gym, reading books) and responsibilities (studying for college/school) so that you can have an overview of.what to do and dominant the year without forgetting anything.

Digital Calendar.

If you can't have a physical calendar, get the digital one. You can use Evernote calendar template for 2020, there you can write as much as you want, and as it is on Evernote, it's on all.of your device.

I use it regularly (I have a premium account), and I love it.

What gets scheduled gets done.

Chetneet Chouhan


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