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Don't Just Look Forward, Try To Look Backward Too.

It was 11:30 PM, got out to walk my pet dog.

This time, I got pretty late due to my lecture and forgotten about my dog.

winter is on rising.

And you can feel the fog coming out of your mouth when you breathe out through the mouth.

You can also feel coldness where there is not hidden under clothing. (My face, especially my nose, got a sharp cold. Haha).

And while coming back, I noticed the dense fog in the environment. It was a good view, especially after a long summer. Which I hate.

But then I remembered something due to this fog. The gasses couldn't go on higher height due to winter. And hence they form fog, not of water but of pollution. This is why in some cities, you can see fog in late mornings too.

But it's not happening in Ujjain. But in New Delhi. The problem is terrible there.

And I just remembered the Delhi government recently announced that due to excess pollution, people are required to follow directions for the safety of their health.

And one line reads as, 'don't go for morning and late evening walks, run, jog and physical exercise.' This line gives the extreme magnitude of the current pollution.

Not just the idea of pollution there but how people must be forced to adjust themselves.

This hit me hard.

Here I am, walking late at night without any fear and complaining of coldness (actually I was enjoying but let's say it for the sake of argument.)

In Delhi, people can't go out in the morning, not due to their laziness but pollution.

This leads me to another thing. How ungrateful we really are.

I know, when I get home, I will get a warm bed. I will get warm water to drink. I will get more clothes to wear if things get colder.

And this probably the case for you too.

But here we are, running after what we currently don't have. And after we get what we want, the hunt for another thing beguine.

Here is what I am starting to do. Let's take a step back and see how long you have come.

How much progress you have made from 5 years.

If you use social media, see how you used to look back then and now. Pick up any of your childhood notebooks and see English grammar. How bad your language was. Don't just look forward, try to look backward too. When you do that, sometimes, you really feel good about how much far you have come.

And it's all right to become slow down.

And when you look back, you get a reminder of what you should not do.

Which, in my case, is to start jogging in the morning.


Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash.


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