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Done is Better Than Perfect

While learning a foreign language, to be correct 95% in speaking and writing requires hard work of about 7 to 8 months. And to be accurate, 98% (3% more) time requires 20-30 years.


Focus on excellence for a few things which have the most effect on your life. And for the rest just be 'good enough.' You don't need to waste time to be a perfectionist.

As I already mentioned, adding extra effort to it doesn't necessarily add any significant result. But requires tremendous efforts.


Aiming for perfection is an excellent direction to set. And a great guideline to refer time to time. A perfect course allows you to deliver exceptional results. But remember to be not exactly like that.

Don't waste precious energy for perfection. Learn to know which are worth getting perfect at and where to be being decent will work.

When to know if this is done?

We can't. There is always something left to do, went to say, left to learn.

But you know what? This is not needed. Perfect is not required. The real purpose here is to grow continuously. Not to be accurate. But to improve next time.

So stop waiting for 'ideal' conditions. Stop waiting for the right moment. Right time. Now is what you have. It is God's gift. That is why its called a present.

Remember: Goal is not to be perfect for the first time. But to improve continuously every time.

Suggestion: Hit that upload button of your first YouTube video.

Hit that publish button of your blog post.

Stop spending time making petty and trivia things perfect.

Stop waiting to start your business.

Do it now, learn, and improve.

Thank you for reading.

Chetneet Chouhan.


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