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Knowledge is free, And That's the Problem.

How Piracy Affects Learning

Knowledge is power. But Knowledge is free, and that's the problem.

If you have been using internet (and especially torrent) for a long time, it's easy to find free stuff. Free books and free courses. And nowadays, most people prefer using free ebooks rather than paid ebooks. I do not promote this. But just by saying that, you won't convince. Hence today I want to give you a perspective. Why this should change.

Most people have drive cloud storage full of ebooks, but non of them. And sadly, it is not uncommon.

Some months ago, my dad brought us some sweets at home. Being an Indian, we have a sweet dish named Gulab Jamun. (Warning: You better not google this delicious dish). He had brought like 1 kg. And when I get a chance, I ate a lot of them.

Then after some weeks, I was going to class, and mom texted me to brought some Gulab Jamuns for guests. I replied, 'sure.' At our city's famous shop Bafna, I asked the price for 1kg, and the shop keeper told me its Rs350 ($5.1) per kg. Stunned, looked at my wallet. Thank god I had just enough. Outside, I looked at my purse and realized something — the COST. My wallet was empty.

I observed something. After the guests left, I went to the kitchen, and there were only two gulab jamuns. I now knew the cost of it because I have bought them myself. And those two gulab jamuns were my best Gulab Jamuns ever.

When we pay the price for something, we get to appreciate it a lot. That's why I recommend you to choose to buy books over getting it online for free. By purchasing an ebook or getting on Amazon, you are more likely to complete that book and take amazing notes (more to this in my upcoming insight-full post). More likely, you will learn. You will take it seriously.

If a Book is Worth Reading, it is worth Buying. - John Ruskin
If a Book is Worth Reading, it is worth Buying.

Have more skin in learning and education. Take it seriously. This is how you extract maximum value.

Chetneet Chouhan

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