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Experiment: Making videos with White Boards

The thing about whiteboards is this, they have zero commitment (unlike notebook), more working area than an iPad, and all this helping you minimize your screen time.

Before getting the idea to make explained videos with whiteboard (first video out by the way) I used to do personal brainstorming sessions.

For example, having deep conversations with my younger brother (Madhav) about space (he still couldn't comprehend how big things can be in space).

Or if there is a problem in my life, I try to figure it out onboard (as I tried to think why I could not stick to my schedule of one video per week, after whiteboard session, I found out two bottlenecks. One is making presentations and another is audio clearing).

Give whiteboard a try. To be honest, I prefer blackboard (as I prefer pencil over pen while writing freely, love the sound it makes, and tangibly see your tool disappearing into words on board fulled by your brain neurons). But I had this old whiteboard at the storeroom (brought in 2012) so I make use of it.


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