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Nothing to do for a Day.

Backstory: I didn't have a ton of work to do, and hence I was astonished to find out that tomorrow I will have a full day free. In the end, I have discovered something insightful. Hint: But It was disappointing.

My expectations were, I would able to write more, read more as I have a full day, which would be the most productive day.

Today, I had no class, no work to do, and already made a most and uploaded on my telegram blog. So I thought today would be the most important day.

Today I (thought) will complete two vast chapters of the book THE POWER OF HABIT and 5-6 concepts in THE PRIVATE MBA. I will get seeds to put on myGarden.

Well, nothing happened.

This day was one of the most unproductive days of my life.

As on regular days, I would read a lot, write a lot, and do many other productive things. But I had free 24 hours, and I haven’t got any sh*t done.

You may think you like a flexible schedule. What I am saying is that you should not have a full elastic day.

Having a structured day helps in having good productivity. If you have a whole day nothing to do, you won’t take anything serious action.

“everything in excess is opposed to nature.” -

Some of my day structure is like going to class or going to the gym.

What happens is that our routine gets around it. You can add your stuff around it. And it may be a simple idea but works wonderfully.


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