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The friction you choose to fight defines what you value

  • When you search for a well-known personality on Google, you get this, access to their quotes and videos pretty easily.

  • When you finish watching an episode on Netflix, you can suddenly choose to play next when credits roll in. And you can even skip the intro.

Friction-less experience is essential for converting it into a habit.

Habit is then how makes us irrational in choosing products.

It's easier to let Netflix charge a subscription. It's hard to go to its settings to alter.

It's harder to switch to Duckduckgo when you are habitual of these amazing results by Google. That keeps getting better and better by the day.

It's hard to suddenly switch to Telegram from Whatsapp.

It's hard to start a new thing than to "go with the flow".

Our friction

How we deal with friction defines what we value.

Privacy? Duckduckgo.

Saving money? Stop subscription.


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