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Itch Your Creative Side

I think we all should do something other than doing what we regulary do.

I mean, have a hobby creative project. That you regularly work on. Something that is different from your routine.

It can be (but not limited to) writing, design, music, singing, dancing etc.

The reason is because we got so occupied in our daily logical work than our brain craves some creativity after some time.

We should have a balance of work and play. But play for most is watching mindless TV.

And you can also go outdoors and volunteer. You may be go walk your dog, go out with your loved ones, fix next date.

Life is not limited, it's full of possibilities. Life is like a billion dollar in your backyard. You just need to start looking, exploring and never stopping learning.

Write, draw, sing anything works. As in my case, after diving through accounts, finance, and calculations, I find it simulating to write to teach and make quotes to inspire.

Action to take.

Switch off your PC and phone.

Take out a clearest paper sheet.

Write what is your daily routine work.

Write how it's helping you to achieve your life goals.

Write what you love doing other than those daily stuff.

And write how you can get started in itching your creative side.

Make a plan when you are going to do that.

Just do it at appropriate time.

Chetneet Chouhan


So you may have now some time to work on your creative work. Now question arises, what to work on? Well, I can't tell anything about you but you may find why I write somewhat useful. Why I Write.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur starting business in their first year or an programmer aiming to build next Google. You should always document your journey and learning with a blog. Why You Should Blog?


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