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Jordan Peterson: Learn to speak, read, and write.

While working on an upcoming video essay on the brand new series, Why Write. I remember watching a clip (which was part of a talk he gave in Harvard) from it where Jordan Peterson sir mentioned something that why you should learn to read and write.

He mentioned that university students get this respectable four (or 3) year period to make themselves educate and articulate. Reading books (his website has a huge list of hard and interesting books) to get yourself more educated. And I also made video essays arguing why you should read books, but not just students, everyone.

But why you learn all those in college? Do you learn to get a job or a degree? No (that's nonsense), you come to university to get educated is because there is nothing more powerful than someone who is articulate and someone who can think and speak. It's a power of best sort.

Watch the clip or if you got an hour, listen to the full talk (highly recommended).


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