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Learning To Code | Day 0

After failing multiple times in the Chartered Accountancy course (that I have written about before) I am now learning to code.

[FreeCodeCamp, Location: my college] After class ends, what you do defines what was running in your subconscious mind during the class.

Purpose of the online journal,

  • Document everything I learn.

  • Accountability: Makes me at least learn one thing so that I have something to write about.

  • Public reference place.

  • It may be helpful for getting my first internship.

For the purpose of learning to code, here is my simple plan (syllabus),

  • FreeCodeCamp will be the primary guideline for this journey.

  • Supplement lectures for theory base. Currently,

  • CS50 from Harvard

  • Learning about Github from CodeWithHarry (Hindi)

  • Working on projects by FreeCodeCamp.

  • Working on projects that I want to build.

For those who are in my newsletter, I won't send daily posts but once a week, all the journal entries of the week are in list format. You will receive my long-form essays semi-monthly as per before. Not that advanced user to know how to set up a way to make people opt-out from my coding posts hence this is the workaround I come up with.

Thanks, Rishabh bhaiya (creator of Tweetflick) for the mentorship and this wonderful idea of keeping an online journal.


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