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Never Think you are a Failure

I was surprised to know how many think they are. Just due to some previous bad experience. You should never think yourself as a failure. You should not think than you could have done better.

What we think is always of perfection, what has already happened is best. Its gone. Future is yet to come.

What you have is your present, that is why it's called a present (gift). What has happened yesterday (good or bad) has happened. You have done your best and with all accordingly to all factors matching it up.

For example, you may not given a perfect public speech, while giving, you forgot in middle, some people were laughing at you and you weren't impressive at all.

So rather than what you could have done better to smash that day, you should simply think that it was best as that can be according to my abilities at that time. And next time (which is in our hands) would be better.

Remember the word better, I am not telling you to aim for perfection. Aim for excellence.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


Forgive yourself what happened yesterday or in past. That time isn't in your now hand.

Focus on what you have in hand. That is future.

And don't aim for perfection, aim for betterment, perfection and excellence. You will get far with this mindset.

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Written by Chetneet Chouhan.


Even thought you may now have a good perspective on failure. But there is always some fear. No Fear Rule.


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