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Setting Goals As Per 10X Rule.


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Book Name: The 10X Rule.

Book written by Grant Cardone.

Get the book from amazon here. (Affiliate link).

I was at a conference of a big coaching class that takes classes for science and biology. And of course, they were advertising their services and showing the results of previous students. I had no interest in science from the beginning. As I am a commerce student now, back then, I was a 10th class student where we have to choose between options. But parents have immersed interest, so I had to attend that conference.

The teacher/presenter now talking about new students (like me). He went on explains that there are two types of mind in our brain

They looked at the brain scans of more than 1,000 young people between the ages of 7 and 29 and divided different areas of the brain into 7,000 regions to determine whether one side of the brain was more active or connected than the other side. No evidence of “sidedness” was found. The authors concluded that the notion of some people being more left-brained or right-brained is more a figure of speech than an anatomically accurate description.

And then, he went on to talk about setting goals for examination.

Speaker: “If you just want to pass the exam and nothing else. Then setting this low goal will cause you to fail.

But if you aim to be a topper of school. Then you will not be a topper in your school. You will be topper in just your class.”

He went on saying, “and if you set a goal very high. Like securing a rank in the whole country, then you will easily secure a rank in the state.”

And I did what everyone expected to do in their 13s. I forget this way of setting goals.

Now 18, I have found out that naming things is a powerful way to remember and execute in your daily life. Now, Grant Cardone’s book ‘The 10x Rule’, he had explained it.

So what is 10x rule?

Setting targets that are 10 times what you think you want and then do 10 times what you think it will take to accomplish those targets.” Explained Grant Cardone in his book The 10X Rule.

1. Setting a target that is 10 times your common goal.

2. And then, as you think to do the task, you need to work hard. Now, multiply it by 10. This is how much work you need to work to accomplish your 10x goals.

This is unrealistic. I can’t do it?

To get extreme success. You need to do something outrageous. If you keep doing what others are doing. Then you will get the progress that is others are getting. That is mediocre. And I don’t think you want that.

“Massive thoughts must be followed by Massive Actions.”

For example, if you are a writer and have set a goal of writing 500 words per day. Multiply it by 10, and we get 5000 words per day. (500 * 10 = 5000).

If you are a freelancer and for getting clients, you are doing some work for free. Multiply it by 10 and work 10 times more.

If you are a programmer and want to make a game. But failed. Now aim to make 10 times bigger game and work 10 times more.

Still seems unrealistic?

“If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”
– James Cameron

Even just the act of setting high goals leads to more efforts.

Saw the pattern?

The action you can take now

1. Set a target and multiply it by 10.

2. Got the image of how hard you need to work? Now multiply it by 10, and this is how much you need to work to achieve your goal.

3. Make a plan to do 10 times more work. You can’t work 10 times more without a firm strategy.

You can get the book from amazon. I will write a full review (subscribe to my newsletter to get notified). If you want to get the book now, you can do it so from here. (Affiliate link).

Chetneet Chouhan


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