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Textbooks + stories

Another school story. I wrote one yesterday.

I remember the day, 2017, studying from new accounting books. After journal entries, we were taught ledger. It was all excellent. But to be honest, as seniors at that time have said, it's fun and easy.

In just a few weeks of school starting, the novelty of new subjects and new school (for me) drops. Accounting, for me, was neither fun nor exciting. Especially ledger.

What I find lacking in textbooks is that stories, we have plenty of them in English textbooks.

We love stories. And storytelling. Because that's for a very long time (even before we have discovered how to write) the only way to exchange information and experience.

Usually, what happens is, they sit around in campfire, middle of the jungle. (That's one of the reasons why we love the sound of burning wood.) The leader, senior or someone who has an exciting experience teaches. Remember TedTalks? They are based on this fundamental humane instinct.

Returning to our 11th standard class commerce class. If we understand what and how it came from. Students could really find it useful.

Ledgers are fundamental to civilization. But without ledger, there won't be any cities. They are like the backbone of commerce and trade. That's how we keep track of things.

Blockchain is another name of the public ledger. Changing how ledger works. It can radically change how we so trading and commerce.

Textbooks should have lives, stories, and history about how they found it too. Not just bald theories and definitions.

"Fundamental ideas play the most essential role in forming a physical theory. Books on physics are full of complicated mathematical formulae. But thought and ideas, not formulae, are the beginning of every physical theory. The ideas must later take the mathematical form of a quantitative theory, to make possible the comparison with experiment." - Albert Einstein


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