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The 5 Second Rule

I need to decide whether I want to go there and give a speech or stay there, standing in my safe and defined area.

My turn has come. I have decided.

I didn't go to stage during the school assembly. Now, beating myself at home about it. Five seconds rule uncomfortably works.

What is The 5 Second Rule?

It is 54321-GO!

You count 5 to 1 and you 'just do it' (- Nike)

How does it work?

When you need to make a decision or do something you haven't done it before, you count. Draw your undivided attention to it—5, then 4 then 3.

And our brain is a terrible multi-tasker. Its focus on nervousness and self-consciousness goes away.

Now at the exact lowest fear moment. Just do it.

The rule is simple. Not easy.

And if that would be easy, then anyone could do it.

Chetneet Chouhan



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