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The Problem with Medium

I recently talked about the learning framework that I adored to learn about Blockchain.

But here I talked about why I prefer books over reading on Medium. (Releated to self development.)

By owning printing presses and delivery trucks (and thanks to the low marginal cost of printing extra pages), newspapers were the primary outlet for advertising that didn’t work (or couldn’t afford) TV or radio — and there was a lot of it. Maximizing advertising, though, meant maximizing the potential audience, which meant offering all kinds of different types of content in volume: thus the mashup of wildly disparate content listed above, all focused on quantity over quality. - Stratechery

This something for everything is where the problem lies.

Let's start with the basics.

Medium has the same business model as Netflix. But these two fundamentally are different (according to how they provide value to its customer.)

Netflix is an entertainment company.

Medium isn't. Its core aim is to empower writers to share ideas.

Netflix and Medium are different.

We go to Netflix for entertainment. With just one subscription. We get to access the whole library of Netflix. Everything which it has to offer. There is something that we can all watch. (I love the Patriotic Act by Hasan Minaj by the way.)

But with Medium. We go there to learn something. And reading is hard work.

Netflix, we carve diversity, we want different movies and tv shows.

While on reading, if I am reading about Blockchain (which I did), then I don't want to read about Machine Learning.

But on Medium. So many categories to choose form.

This is a problem for Medium, not for Netflix.

An advantage for one is a weakness for another.

Remember the keyword. Netflix - entertainment. Medium - utility.

That's why for writers, they get a ton of views, but there is a lack of engagement in those articles.

I hardly remember the names of writers who I read about when I used to have a membership.

Note: In this article, I have talked about how I used to use Medium and why it defeats the purpose for me. For me, the purpose was to read articles about personal development and being a better version of myself.

That's why, I prefer reading books over reading on Medium.


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