• Chetneet Chouhan

Travel like a human being

January 2020.

Everyone was taking pictures of everything they see. Either with themselves in the picture with artifacts or with. And updating their friends and family members in real-time.

But the problem here is. You are not with them. You are, of course, will in some days or weeks.

But you are in a unique place that you may never ever return.

At Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya musume in Mumbai. There was also the crowd of children who were awed by the real scaled sculpture of the tiger. (hint: they have spikes on their tongue). The sun was getting us good sunlight when we entered the museum building.

Taking pictures like a robot

I don't see anything wrong with people taking pictures, however, I do have a problem if what goes inside their heads when they enter a museum is. The main concern is how many likes they can get on social media.

Usually, things that we see and experience in Museum are those things which were normal before their existence.

We have to build museums to teach the upcoming generation about how we used to do things in the past. Paintings, sculptures, games, board games, clothing, weapons, and armor.

Rather than genuinely appreciating the work and place that had happened before their existence. Or critically think about the holistic meaning behind these art pieces.

You should go to museums to get a better understanding of art and to appreciate the work surrounding it instead of doing it for instant gratification on social media or bragging rights.. 11 replies. 2K likes.

When when we click pictures, how we feel, and what we have heard or felt while we were actually there gets diminished. We don't remember any of that. I doubt anyone would remember how good sunlight was at that day. How it all was feeling good.

How did I know? Because I wasn't distracted on my phone. And I can tell the stories. That I am doing now during lockdown.

Take a few pictures and be present there.

Don't travel like a robot. Travel like a human being.

Watch this video by Johnny Harris (Vox Borders guy). Amazingly done.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński. Thanks mate!

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