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Update: Course Postponed for 1 Month | What I made/learned in May | Vanity Metrics

Course postponed till July, Why? Two reasons,

  1. Second national lockdown.

  2. Examination.

Here is what I learned about making a course and working on a project in general

I have learned a ton when I started to focused on the nuance of how to actually make a course. One great resource is (no-bullshit guide) Pat Flynn's huge guide on how to make online courses and mindset.

Writing a public post has created tangible accountability. I am now more likely to actually publish a course this year thanks to having that rascal-announcement post living on my website publicky.

When I wrote that announcement post, I didn't really think the lockdown would happen again. Because I wasn't planning on recording the course at home and he

One thing about starting a project is that your focus increases and you clearly see the next step you need to do for it. Now I am trying to improve my copywriting and more specifically, heading writing skills. If marketing done right, isn't throwing all the products on your face and assume something shall hit.

Fill the need of people

Also, another critical component I learned is this, don't make stuff merely you like it and fancy it. And when making stuff, don't solely focus on what you are getting.

So what you should do instead?

Think of making anything online or about your product as you are trying to help people. And this is what marketing for me is. As Seth Godin explained in his book This is Marketing (affiliate link). Hence survey has been useful, those who were my telegram members have given the survey. Thank you all.

I have started a survey that helping me again, from my problems to what people now usually have problems. Those who have given the survey, thanks for the detailed description of your problems related to reading.

On Vanity Metrics.

These 2 months have also been the highest traffic that my website got (this website is 1 year and 7 months old now). The most popular ones were me talking about my semi-zettelkasten method and why which note-taking app you choose really doesn't matter.

In the beginning, I used to be obsessed with views but later I learned these are vanity metrics. Just like the number of books you read does not matter so stop counting them, views do not matter. Yes, even an email newsletter does not work.

Both essays are about notetaking stuff that I least love to write about.

What is (for me) how many members have joined my course. That's the only metric I should be focused on.

And I have made a channel trailer. :)

Update as on 13 March 2022: Postponned indefinitely. I feel like the course I really want you to experience is limited by my current limited capacity to deliver. Hence i decided to improve my my capacity to deliver for now. And later on will launch a course that's so good that you can't ignore. We are here for long term :). Thanks!


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