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Use your Resources in Right Direction

People are knowledgeable. They have ideas; they know how the world works and works hard with determination. There is no denying in there.

But they didn't put in their benefit. They are intelligent, so they don't try other things that has risk in it.

They have ideas, but those are working against them. What could be wrong? Why it is not essential and why it will not work.

And they work hard, to prove themselves right with determination to prove others wrong.

People have everything they need. They need to make it work for them.

A friend of mine was going to start reading books this month after his mid exams. After one week of the exam. I contacted him and asked how his journey of reading going on.

ME: hey! How were papers went?

Him: Great!

Me: that's great, well, you started reading regularly as I told you right?

Him: I remember what you told me and that was all inspiring, but I am damn sure I will start later.

ME: Like when?

Him: Guaranteed after my finals.

ME: Why?

Him: Oh, I am too lazy to start hahaha. And I got no time currently.

Me: As you wish.

After one hour, I asked what he is doing.

Him: Instagram, why?

Me: I have a challenge for you. Just quit it for like one week (and trying to convince him)

I am just asking for uninstalling Instagram for one week.

Him: Ha, thx for caring, but my case is different because I only follow motivational people and useful content like inspiring quotes. It does not affect me; I am mature and limited time in there.

I get to know by asking a mutual friends (as I don't use Instagram), they have said he is always online, And one thing I know for sure, he will not be starting reading in near future.

Instagram and other social sites are designed to take up your time. To be more addictive. Mo time = mo profit.

My friend did his best to justify his action. He used his all of his energy to tell me he will do it. Instead of using his precious energy in a different direction like making some time for reading by cutting off-screen time.

Use your Resources in Right Direction.

You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny.” ― Roy T. Bennett

Thanks for reading. It means a lot to me.

Chetneet Chouhan



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