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Shakespeare of the 21st century | Syama Pederson | Warhammer 40,000

For me, Willliam Shakespeare of the 21st century is Syama Pederson.

He is a 3D artist working as a freelancer, and extremely passionate about Warhammer 40,000 (it is a fictional universe, another example can be the Marvel universe or DC universe)

I have never ever heard of this and Astartes. But I am starting to fall in love with it.

Not because I am reading novels. But because of his YouTube channel.

All his videos (art) look like a work of art. Made with extreme precision. Each frame can be used as wallpaper or as a painting.

He has to work on 3D models, textures on those models, the motion (their movement), designing the set and weapons (plasma gun), lightning and its effects so that it won't look too harsh or too unrealistic, sound effects and music, dialogue, camera composition and many more.

Doing all these is one thing, normally a huge studio is hired out. But he has done it everything by himself without outside help. That's just mind-blowing.

If you have 20 minutes, watch his all videos from part one. You will love it.

And remember, these are all made by just one person.

For him, money wasn't an issue.

I don't think that work of art can be produced by someone who just works for a paycheque.

This new universe made me think, there are other stories too. That has been written but never see the light.

But I have another way to see these.

You can't turn off the sun because it's too hot. But you can make a solar roof that will give you shelter during the day and light during the night.

Working with what you have is enough. At least on your personal level. This is the thing that you can do with what you have.

Either that you who have enough skills (or not) but fear if anyone will appreciate your work or not.

Or you fear your lack of money.

But we all know the stories of those who acted. Not in the absence of fear but despite it.

These are the people worth talking about.

Do watch Syama Pederson's Astartes. This is the first episode, start from here.

Thank you Syama Pederson for giving me this amazing experience. I can't even guess how many hours it may have taken to make all these movies. I will try to read Warhammer 40,000 too.

Thanks, Neuro for suggesting the name. I love it!


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