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What Losing in Chess Taught Me

Recently I tried to learn chess.

I have never ever thought that I would defeat my friend.

But I was trying to maintain a humble (trying my best.)

I was losing every time I tried to do something new. My opponent told me that this is a waste of effort.

I was feeling stupid even learning something about chess.

My friend keeps winning and I kept learning new things and losing.

I learned to Castle and how to think in chess.

Then I lose some more.

Then I won my first match.

Then second.

Then I lost another one.

Then I won.

Then, at last, I never lost to that friend.

If I play with others. Someone more experienced, I might lose again.

But here is something that I learned about learning.

Knowing, Change, and Practice is essential.

Knowing = reading books or getting mentored.

Change = doing something against the status quo.

Practice = keep doing that.

Whatever you read anything. Write down. Write what really resonated with you and try to bring change in your life.

Not what the author is saying. But what you can bring change in the unique situation of your life.


Anything you learn. Not everything is going to be useful. Just learn to ignore things. Keep what is useful and run with it.

I am now starting to do this with my reading habits.

Whatever book I am reading, I would try to study the contents. To know which section will have the largest impact on me.


Stillness Is The Key has an amazing chapter about why you should keep a notebook with you.

Now you are keeping a notebook with you all the time. That's a change.

Learning = change.


And practice doing that in your life.

Look for opportunities to add to your life. Either add in the calendar to get your self reminded of. Or keep a notebook.

Practice editing pictures every day.

Practice chess with your newly learned lessons every day.

Try doing that with this essay.

Write down what you find useful.

Know what you can ignore and change.

Practice your newly learned insight.

Photo by Hassan Pasha. Thank you.


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