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When to stop daily blogging

You should really stop blogging when you think your time is better spent on another project.

Opportunity cost is a real one and hence it should be treated that way.

Time you spent doing one thing is time spent not doing another thing.

Update: I am breaking my daily blogging because I think my quality of work in other areas is getting down as I forced myself to post sometimes half-baked essays. I am going towards more research and depth. I also own a YouTube channel and (Hindi) Podcast hence it's hard to keep up with things. Because I can't practically produce 9 pieces of content each week while studying too.

But I still hold my belief that you should daily blog, as a habit of publishing online daily and making that habit of shipping. I have already made that habit so I find that justifiable reason to stop doing it. Now doing regular live podcasts solidifies it.


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