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Why am I not concerned about declining subscribers of my 2 years old Telegram channel?

My telegram channel is now two years old. This is a long story, save it to the pocket to read it later.

My Telegram channel's Initial story

So this channel has been living for 2 years and this is the longest project that I have on the internet.

The main aim was to write something each day and publish it. And omg, I was writing everywhere I could. From the bathroom to a busy market while my mom was shopping.

This project is helping me document amazing insights that I come across while at the same time sharing with other lifelong learners.

But Why I Write on Telegram?

The main reason why I started this telegram channel is because of the informal nature of publishing.

It's daunting to start a YouTube channel, it's daunting to start and invest in a website. But it's very easy to write short essays on my smartphone and post them on the telegram channel for free.

And I also found that very few channels are there that are like this. Original and personal but without ads. (If you know any channel, do let me know).

But I have now Fewer Subscribers

As you can see (and noticed on the title) this channel is losing members. And I freaked out in beginning.

But then I remembered why started in the first place.

And here is the lesson.

It's important to articulate why you start the project in the first place.

If you don't set solid goals, fully and completely articulate them, you will think other's goals are your goals.

Usually, in this case, every Telegram channel's goal is to have as many as members possible. If it has less, then you think you have project failed.

But thank God I really know why I started the channel in the first place. To improve my habit of writing and reading. And I successfully did.

I am not considered of subscribers, because I know why. And this leads me to not have any ads (spams) on my channel.

This channel has been ads-free too because having more subscribers isn't one of the goals in this channel's constitution.

Now I can focus on my goals (habit of writing and reading) and not on someone else's goals (having a ton of subscribers.)


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