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Why I started the "On Writing" series

Origin of On Writing series.

I really feel like everyone should keep an analog notebook in the world of dopamine-packed consumerism promoting digital gadgets.

And this (On Writing) series especially talks about the act of writing and documenting. This writing series does not focus on writing in a notebook only, but anywhere (even publicly).

Like I started to write 2 years ago on my Telegram channel.

The "On Writing" series was the original idea of my YouTube channel. I wanted to test waters whether this type of content people loves or not. (Slides with a boring voice).

That's why to test waters, I made a small tutorial to remove my video-uploading-fear and made the first series, "On Notebook" (most-watched series till now and ticking, total cumulative views are 600, thank you all.)

But I think the only reason why these are getting views till now is, I think, because of the depth of content.

And this depth of content comes from research + idea. And to merge them, you need to write.

A movie needs a screenplay to have a watchable experience. Visual effects are optional.

For example, the 12 Angry Men movie is in black and white and shot in just one room, but the amazing dialogue is backing it up, making it one of my favorite movies. And its high rating in IMDB is evident too.

But sadly, I don't have any idea what series to make after On Writing (2 more video essay to come) and On Reading (1 more video essay to come) ends.

If you have any ideas, then please add them to the comments of any of my video essays.

Thanks for being my reader + viewer (audience). I appreciate each and every one of you.


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