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The Problem with YouTube.

This video has made me sad.

Basically, Derek Muller (Veritasium YouTube channel that I adore) has mentioned how to clickbaity titles are now more suffering and more sure way to win on YouTube. Which is great news for YouTube because it has increased their watch time and good news for creators because they need to focus on making clickbaity videos.

But this drastically changes the focus shift of those independent creators who are spending more time on having great titles and clickbaity titles. And to experiment on them.

The Big Picture

But we are forgetting a big picture here. Why in the first place you get to YouTube and you watch creators, you love?

Do you love their content or do you love their clickbaity titles?

I never remember subscribing to channels because I love how their thumbnails look like.

If you are an educational YouTube creator, either get a source of earning from your subscribers directly (Patreon) or start collecting emails. Just like thefutur (Youtube channel) is doing.

Email is not going anywhere. Please every YouTube creator should start it. Cut the algorithm. Get personal.

Note: I am talking about specifically those creators who make educational content.

You can watch his full video here.


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