Wall of Love

(Your) words have inspired people to write, your writing is exciting to read and full of your experience as a writer. With traces of you reading books, it's amazing altogether.

Shriti, (Writer)

"Your articles have inspired me a lot . Thanks for sharing your incredible stories."


It's been almost about a couple of months (since) I have been reading your work. Indeed a good command on the language, I must say. Every writer has their own style of writing, and yours is fantastic!

Your vocabulary is good, and I think that's because you read hell lot of books. And I personally like the topics you chose to pen down. Keep reading, keep writing, keep inspiring.

Hema Maalini, (Quora writer)

Such an awesome blog with fantastic content. Your writing skill are fantastic. Like it very much. Love from a lifelong learner. Great journey ahead.

Anish Jhajhria