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how to consciously learn from internet.j

Want to effectively learn from the internet?

Collection of my essays on the internet, being a conscious internet user and being articulate put together for a common purpose. From discussing literature to the nitty-gritty of tools.

This book goes from the current problem to tools to use to better equip yourself to learn from the open internet.

What you are consuming has an impact on your mind and personality. What we read is one of the most effective ways to learn.

In this book, I discuss how you can leverage the open internet to effectively learn about anything you want. And I also go on into details of tools.

Here is a snapshot of the table of contents. because I have learned, "show don't tell".

Table of contents

table of content one.jpg
table of contents two.jpg

And to thank all of you for reading and supporting this little project of mine, I’ve decided to offer the book completely for free. It's exclusively available on my website only.

I hope you will find this book insightful. To get access to this book for free, join my newsletter.

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