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What am I up to right now?

I am in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, trying to write and produce things as much as I can.

What I am up to.

So many things have changed. Career too. As a result, I get the opportunity to prioritize things that I want to

  • Career Change: Learning to code.

  • Putting 100x effort on my YouTube channel starting 2022.

Below was old stuff I was doing. Fancy and multiple things But due to the spread of effort, not anyone is unambiguously valuable that I wanted it to be.

  • Studying CA course.

  • Working on a course on reading. (More details).

  • Writing daily posts. (More details).

  • Publishing 4 in-depth video essays per month. YouTube channel.

  • Going live on weekends for the (non-English, Hindi) podcast. Podcast channel.

  • Reading (long form). But as I have stated already, I will be biased to read more complex books but as challenges my life present, I will pick up that book that will solve the challenge. For instance, reading Zig Ziglar books on selling for marketing my course.

  • Learning about the basics of adulting. Like personal finance (where to invest and all) and personal management. 

  • Using Evernote for notes and writing scripts (for its flexibility, offline, and great writing tool). Using Notion for managing any work project (for its great but lack of flexibility), using it as documentation that is more static. Like managing my upcoming course.

  • Working on this website to make "collections" (like this one). I think it would help readers coming to this website get everything I wrote of their interest (like philosophy).

It was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated: 19 March 2022 Time: 03:46 PM

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