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  • I am Chetneet Chouhan.

  • Chartered accountant student as passion.

  • Lifelong learner to continuously grow.

  • This blog and writing everyday to inspire people to do the same.

This is how it got started,​

About a year ago, I had started writing on a telegram channel named as Lifelong learner. I was getting incredibly high subscribers due to word-of-mouth marketing.

One day, a good friend of mine suggested me to add my link so that readers can message me their complaints, suggestions, and compliments. I was getting a lot of critical comments, like, about my writing (grammar, especially) and style of writing. But at the same time, positive comments were hearth touching.

One particular man told me about his depression. After reading my article, '2019 is coming, you need to take action'. He told me he got direction. A small indeed but for him, that was more than enough. He is fine now. This thing hit me hard. (More than puberty.) I mean, my side hobby project is changing people's lives. And I loved the impact my work is making to people.

There is a concept by Stephen Covey in his jumbo packed book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has explained to become a great learner, to learn effectively, to grow yourself, you need to teach others. PC/P balance.

PC = Production Capacity 
P = Production (actual output)

If you keep on PC (like only learning and nothing else), you will be a lousy student. If you focus on P only, you will burnout. It would be best if you balanced these both.

I decided to save money; I need to spend. And I have invested in my blog.

So this is how it got started.



I am Chetneet Chouhan, and this is my blog. (Dramatic sound in the background).
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