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Why I Love YouTube

(I hide my homepage, I use YouTube only on the basis of its powerful search feature, not feed.).

This page discusses my perspective on my YouTube channel. If you came here to watch my video essays, you can do so from my YouTube channel. To get video essays + essays, subscribe to my newsletter to get notified.

We are watching videos more than ever

We are watching more videos than ever and YouTube is dominating in this place. This is the reason why I shall be starting to produce video essays. (One is already up, titled Why you should keep a Notebook.) Either based on my existing essays that have already written or for those essays that are more appropriate for video format than in writing.

Essays that got shaped in video format makes it easier to reach for those people who don't like reading that much. This also has given me the opportunity to add music and visuals. Two main things that weren't possible before.

Why I love YouTube

Aside from my critique, I actually love YouTube a ton.

YouTube is the only platform that doesn't put restrictions on you like other internet services. Other services have restrictions imposed on them, Instagram does not support long-form video, and it's hard to watch video on it.

On YouTube, when you play a video, and go full screen, aside from ads, you are directly watching what that creator wants you to experience. No restriction on length or scale.

YouTube has been around for so long (Domain Authority), and thanks to more people are watching videos, search engines usually push more videos in search.

And in not so recent update, YouTube now actually cares about the quality of the video. What used to happen is this, people can push click-baity titles and thumbnails, which allowed them to gain views and ad revenue.

Now, to know whether you have quality content or not, YouTube takes into consideration how much people are watching videos (watch time). No just how many are clicking (views).

Which is both great for YouTube (more time spent on YouTube) and for viewers (creators now have to make content that people actually watch after clicking on the video.) Which helped discourage the click-baity thumbnail.

My Audience

And YouTube also promotes videos for likable people. If you like reading and you are watching a video on the essay, then YouTube will push my video to other people who like reading too. But I am not dependent on this. This is actually hit and miss.

My source of traffic is going to be an audience that I have already built. We are soon going to touch 100 subscribers. It blows my mind that many people read my work. And makes me appreciate the power of writing on the internet. I love you all. You are the best audience on the internet.

My Content Strategy

I tried vlogging (please don't watch that video) but found out that I don't like to watch vlogs but made them because it's relatively easy to do so (at least for me) and trying this YouTube thing.

I won't be able to make video essays to all those existing essays, and even some are more enjoyable and insightful only by reading, like My Story About Journalling. And even there are already more ideas for video essays, I feel like I won't need to renew these existing essays on my website.

For me, the most resistant task in building video essays is the audio. I hate my voice, everyone does actually.

While making video essays, now I don't just have to work on a script but on visuals too. Making me push my limits and visualize whatever I am writing for my readers/viewers. This is a win-win for both.

This is my YouTube channel. And hopefully, you will enjoy my channel just like I have enjoyed creating and crafting it.


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