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Do something each day for 30 days

I am doing this, this is DAY - 7.Rules are simple.

Just publish 100 words on either medium or on any blogging platform. Highly recommended if you own the domain. 

This challenge is not restricted to written words, you can start a podcast or YouTube channel.

But I will assume you want to write.

Write about anything for 30 days. And publish at least 100 words each day. 

Crucial thing is, publish it publicly for 30 days straight. No holiday, no break.

Some ideas to write about,

  • Your covid-19 experience.

  • The idea you thinking you would want to write about "one day".

  • Do something cool, and write about it. Or write about what you have already done something cool in past.

  • Write about your favorite movies or book (highly recommended.)

  • Write about a unique perspective that you think the world should know.


  • Draw something and use it to aid what you are writing about. (Like I would do it once a week.)

  • Record audio version. (Nope, not me.)

  • Repurpose the posts you wrote, for a longer form of medium like audio or video for a podcast with more depth. (I am thinking of this a lot.)

Why bother doing this?

Drawn on iPad. Lol, not really.
  • Add consistency to your life.

  • The brain is a muscle. You are improving your idea generation muscle.

  • Articulation brings clarity to your life.

Comment me on your blog or contact me and send me your blog if you have started after reading this post.


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