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2.5% return: IDFCFirst bank

The blue parell area ends is where the trade was performed.

(paper trade)

What: Options sold on 29 Jan 2024 for one month at a strike price of 85.

The current price (written on 25 Feb) is 82.85. Hence high probably the movement shall be in my predefined price range.

Why did I choose this share?

  1. A great friend told me. (That's not a good reason haha.). (The reason he told me was due to me asking for a share that has a lower rupee amount).

  2. Just to keep my head around the mechanics of selling covered calls, hence picked a number that's easier on my comprehension.

So basically no real reason. Hence I am not good at picking shares (atleast right now).

After this trade, I did pick up SBIN, but I was wrong, I will write in another post.

2.5% is nice.


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