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Laptop > Smartphone

I have spent money on both of these. But I find that I am better off spending my money on a laptop.

Things that I do on a smartphone. 

  • Calling

  • Text

  • Writing on go

Things that I do on a laptop.

  • Writing.

  • Making presentations for videos.

  • Video editing.

  • Workout instructions.

  • Reading essays and articles.

  • Making/designing websites.

  • Watching lectures for my studies.

  • Watching videos on YouTube.

  • And making videos.

  • Doing occasional video calling.

  • Maintain my website.

  • Taking notes. And reading them.

  • Researching.

  • Rereading my book summaries and highlights.

Smartphones are designed to make you hooked. 

If you want to know where the company's profit lies, look at intention.

Laptops are designed to sell. Smartphones are designed to get you hooked.

Android wants you to spend as much time on their smartphone. Because Google wants to build a strong data profile of you.

(I can't say that for Apple smartphone because they don't put their intentions on it and this is why apple smartphone has default feature of showing you screentime, android won't ever do that, but still, apple smartphone cost a lot and half of the people buy unconsciously for Instagram).

Smartphone UI is designed for pleasure (form), laptop UI is designed for productivity (function). And in accounting principle, we always follow, function over form.

Stying a feature without any function is decoration.

Laptop software looks crappy (VLC for example), but they get the job done. That too is now looking pretty as rising competition.

A laptop represents freedom of mobility but being powerful at the same time. That's why they are better than a desktop. 

A laptop is a machine that you can use to learn to draw to running machine learning code.

The laptop represents the creator. Smartphones represent consumers.

Getting an expensive smartphone vs getting a smartphone are two completely different value proportion. Which depends upon what you want to do with your new device.

With an expensive smartphone, you get to show you are rich. Rich signaling. (Of course not every time).

With an expensive laptop (or any laptop), you get to run powerful things.

Laptop gets things done.

If you seriously need to do some serious raw work, literally nothing can be done on a smartphone.

The only job that can be done from a smartphone that I could think of is being a social marketing manager.

Even in that, aside from posting tweets from smartphones, for scheduling and doing some advanced research, you need a bigger screen and interference of a PC. Smartphone's consumeric operating system won't cut it.

It doesn't matter which laptop you buy, rather than replacing your 1-year-old smartphone with another smartphone. Get a new laptop or your first laptop.


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