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Iterative Learning Strategy of Ray Dalio

Why bother with how Ray Dalio learns?

He is a billionaire.

All other his work (like his Daily observation) always refer to the mental model he has developed over years of iteration. Like how the economy works and where the world is headed.

Ray Dalio's Iterative Learning process


1. From his research and observation.

2. Write down what has learned.

3. Show to smart people.

4. Work with differences

5. Rewrite with updated/improved version.

Part of the reason why I think school sucks in every imaginable way is because it does not promote anything remotely updating your knowledge. Because that's considered a mistake.

Hence after school and college, they don't learning anything new because the certification piece of paper gives them the false idea that their understanding is complete.

What I have noticed,

As people attack what I have written, I (usually) not feel personally attached as they are improving what I have written. I have sometimes gone through about 10 times on one piece that so much got dense but holds truth.

Part of the mindset you need to have for this stuff to work is the mindset of, be nearer to truth, not care who came up with.

Later, I will add a direct quote from his book here.

I used to not share what I had written down, and would only rewrite it later when I came up with more obersvation or research that either gave it more credibility or worked with a difference, better understand older theory as well as new theory.

The end result is universal truth or principles in Ray Dalio's language.

Even Jordan Peterson does say same thing too.


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