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Another way to think about investing

People usually my age (20) start to really deeply contemplating about what's the purpose they want to fulfill in life. Or in other words, what suffering they want to bear.

And when they do some advice, and one of good advice that I suppose they get is to start investing in themselves.

Either financially or any other way.

Financially, you take some spare money and plug them into the country's economy. And in return for risking losing all that, you get something in return. And in many years to come (if left untouched), that something is going to be huge. Allowing you to pursue other things than just to earn money.

Any other way including experimenting in your life or any other way.

I really think people should get a domain with their name and write about things that they have done.

Let's talk about where I think you should not spend your time.

On Gaming

Another investment wastage I was doing with my time was gaming over 8+ hours during all my summer vacation.

I do have great memories with gaming but it has to do everything with the people I am playing with.

There are rarely any worthy of memorable moments in gaming during which I was alone.

It was either my cousin praising me for my racing skills (Need for speed Run) or when the enemy suddenly attacked our small town (Age Of Empires II and III).

And in contrast, after I got older (more recently) and get more hard-core competitive gaming like Counter-Strike: Global Offence, where I have spent 100+ hours, literally no great memories come to my mind.

My CSGO stats

A huge change occurred when I quit gaming.

I am in support of Joe Rogan. And those who are against him (i think) are because they actually misinterpreted him.

Joe Rogan on gaming

Joe Rogan isn't talking about those people who are doing in healthy quantity. Hence not using it as a huge escape from their lives.

But telling 'it's under control' when you are going over 8 hours each day, that person should watch this video closely.

I will go to gaming but just like watching TV (if any), I try to watch it either with other people.

On Reading and Writing

Let's talk about why you should read books. Even though I have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to it.

Even though relative to my whole life, my obsession with books is pretty new, but what it has already given me is just beyond comprehension. And that's the main reason why I started my YouTube channel, to promote reading and writing.

These two activity has given me more bang for the buck in terms of money and time spend.

Put simply, reading gave me material to work with and writing has allowed me to articulate so that I can craft my life however I want. And this website project is the result of that.

Investing shouldn't be just be used to represent the money and imagining the building of the stock exchange. But to see your time as money (or capital).

How you spend your time constitutes as a whole how you lived your life. So tell me, what you are investing your assets in?


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