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Having Information is not enough

It does give you tools and material to work with. But having it only is not enough. What you can do with only pieces of wood if you don't work with it?

Critical thinking.

It's looking at things objectively.

By thinking critically, you navigate contradictions and connect the dots others aren’t seeing. You challenge the status quo. You contribute insights. Sometimes, you make people feel. - Julian Shapiro

Having a Perspective.

A standard point of view. Because we are now entering the era of rising though leaders who can hold unique, status-quo breaking ideas.

Cal Newport and his unique perspective on Social media. Having a craftsman approach towards using online tools.

Seth Godin and why you should blog every day. (I am thinking about it recently).

Tiago Forte and why you need a Second Brain. (I loved his course).

Gary Vaynerchuk and why social media is big deal for businesses.

Ryan Holiday and introducing geek philosophy Stoicism into everyday life.


Having a perspective and critical thinking ability, humility, and open-mindedness for the other's opinions of the world now pretty crucial. More than having information.

This post by Seth Godin has inspired me to write this story.


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