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January 2021 summary

Chetneet’s note: Currently thinking of doing this ‘everything in one email’ thing. Please do let me know if you find it useful or not. This is like social media. Monthly (or you can choose to be weekly) updated. I feel like everyone should start this thing.

This month in one post.


The biggest news of all. Published the book and on the same day, I have received 2 more sign ups. This win-win situation works really well.

Even though I clearly mentioned that these are already published on my website, I learned that people love it when everything that they want to study is in one place.

And good comments and feedbacks start to roll in.

Thanks for the amazing response and I love you all.


Arguably the most productive month since I started my writing practice on Telegram. But then had writing creativity burnout that had video essays scripts delayed. Yep, balance is key.

To access everything I published in January, or whenever you want, you can check out my new page Archive. And oh boy, I published 15 essays. My highest. By the way, don't expect this to continue.


I wanted to publish at least 3 video essays but the mic (that I brought new so that my voice could be more bearable) comes late and I burned out my creative muscle during the month (as already stated).

I just could come up with one new video essay, the beginning of a new series ON WRITING. This one and the ON READING series were original ideas behind my YouTube channel.

Thank you.


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