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Unfair advantage of Netflix | Oil

Netflix has an amazing competitive edge.

If you have to borrow a machine to make money from it. You have a variable of risk. Risk is that lender can take her machinery back.

Same case with Netflix. Their content used to have a mixture of Disney and marvel etc. But they know for a very long time that it's not sustainable. And as rightly predicted, Disney+ launched.

But Netflix is building its own machinery. It's going forward with having Netflix originals.

But did you know what's their competitive edge?

They have data.

They see what you watch.

They see what you skip.

If I have Netflix, we both compare it. Our dashboard will be entirely different.

Netflix wants more than 50% should be its original content.

And as already predicted, Disney plus has started to pull over its old classic. As their contract ends.

Netflix is going towards self-sustainable.

To create its own content. With the help of data it has.

But they have data. That Disney won't have.

Data is now the new oil.

Why Our Netflix dashboards are different.


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