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Ryan Holiday: Books are just a collection of pages

During the podcast session of Daily Stoic with guest Cal Newport (exact timestamp).

Cal Newport mentioned that people make a huge deal for their life projects. For example, he mentioned a student was trying to write a book and for that, she is "clearing the space" by singing off from extra activities.

A friend of mine was trying to start a comedy YouTube channel, and for his first video, he worked hard for a lot of time just to publish the first video. My friend in this case is thinking in terms of getting everything correct in the first hit. And he is making a huge deal out of it.

Thomas Frank mentioned in his podcast that he makes sure the next video is 1% better. And I tried to adopt that.

In my first video essay, my video recording quality wasn't great, hence applying the 1% rule, I improved my voice quality by learning to use the Audacity program.

And in the next video essay for improvement, I added a story, and in the next one, I added a stock video. If I tried to get everything perfect in my first video essay, I would have abanded the idea of the YouTube channel altogether.

Don't make a huge deal with what you want to start doing. Remember, books are just a collection of pages.


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