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Social media as documentation

I think this is a great way to use socal media for everyone's (you + your friends) best interest. You learn helpful skills and your friends get to be aware of it. You can find opportunities too.

But for interacting purposes, that's an entirely different story. I will talk about it later.

And I heard it for the first time on Gravyee Vaynerchuk's YouTube channel.

Using social media as documentation means to document your specific skill as you learn them and teach them to your followers. Using Facebook, Instagram, and other social services as a means capture what you had learned today and share/teach it to others.

We mostly everyone use social media but using it as this unique way is like hitting two birds with one rock.

People will join your journey.

People will follow you for two reasons.

If you are giving them value. Or if you are giving them experience.

For value, people follow many educational channels and experts in that particular field.

For experience, people follow those rich people. Who share their money images and like these.

What you are doing is you are giving them both. Experience as well as value.

Tell me whom you will follow regularly? A or B.

A: Someone who is an expert in public speaking.

B: Someone who loves public speaking. But fears a lot. So he is learning it and sharing everything that he learns on his Instagram.

Your followers will starts to act as accountability partners.

If you didn't work on your skills and learn something new. You won't able to share anything and your followers will point it out for you. They will push you. To work and share.

But I love writing. I could have filled many notebooks but I decided to write a blog. And I get emails if I didn't post regularly. There is a this feedback loop.

On Facebook, make a new page.

On Instagram, tell your followers and friends that you will learn it. Join my journey.

And take some time after watching a lecture or YouTube video. Write in your own words and share it with your followers.

This is how you can use social media to your advantage.

If you are learning to code, make content about it.

If you love making video games, write and teach how you did it.

Doing an online course? Tell us how it was.

Photography hobby? Make instagram to showcase. And a link so that people can buy too.

You can do that with your own website too, but I recommend you to do on other platform first.

I started writing regularly on a telegram channel too.

Winners don't do different things, they do things differently. - Shiv Khera

Thank you for reading. It means a lot to me.


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