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Stop rereading your notes

The golden rule of learning: the more effort = more you learn[1]. The mere presence of having text in front of eyes will fool your brain into thinking it knows the material.

Rather than rereading notes, use a flashcard system (like Anki).

What wonderful thing flashcards does is follows,

Hides the material[2]. It's better if there is a question.

Anki is a pretty complex software for beginner, Ali Abdaal's course helped me a lot. But youtube can do same too.

This is uncomfortable but more effective that mere re-reading

So if time allows, do experiment.


  1. In context of skill acquisition, it's deliberate practice. (Recommended reading)

  2. The act of hiding puts focus on you. It's same as we in middle of boring lecture and you stumble upon a question on black board, you can't help but start to think about it (whether you know about it or not).


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