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Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart | My Notes

The lecture has been recorded by Dr. Marty Lobdell, a former psychology professor at Pierce College. A video full of study advice, stories, and experience.

But one thing I find is that this video is too long (45 minutes) for a typical YouTube viewer. So I have watched it and taken notes and here is the summary.

Study for 25 Minutes

I used to study for one hour, but now to suddenly put it into action, I just set up a timer of 25 minutes and resumed the video. And let me tell you one thing that 25 minutes very quickly. I just listened to one and a half songs and continued studying.

Get an Actual Break.

Do not read any book or listen to the podcast during the break; you need to give your brain a rest. Do not do any focused tasks.

Take a break. Walk the dog. Listen to one song. Have a snack.


I have been using notebooks, and I recommend you too. And also, when you initially write notes, leave some space. And later on work on your notes.

In 5 min downtime between class, add more content to your notes, add questions, doubts, references, or any source your teacher has mentioned to study from and you forget to write down.

Ask Questions.

Classmates are best but if you still couldn't understand. Ask your teachers.

I was one of the most question-asker teachers in 12th standard. Two beautiful things happened, I scored pretty well, and it builds the right image with your teachers. They know you more, which is always a beautiful thing to have just in case.


A sweet example given by Mr. Lobdell, recalling one student when he met with her parents, she said she has to know everything about his lecture. She would tell her mother everything about that day's lecture.

And I did that too, not with my parents but with my good friend. He is pretty weak in the subject, but I taught him whenever I can, and I even lived in his house during peak time on exams.

SQ3R for Reading

I have personally unconsciously did it already I just discovered now. Haha.

I never used to read and take whatever is written at its face value. Even though I had to compromise my flow of studying, I go deeper till I get its sense. This depth of studying helps you in the long run.

Usually, get an overview of the chapter and ask questions while viewing them.

You can buy his book Study Less, Study Smart, (affiliate link) I am currently reading it.

My Handwritten Notes,

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