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The practice of keeping a notebook

The practice of keeping a notebook. How to do it exactly? You can either watch the video essay or read the essay down below.

When to use a notebook?

You are going to use internet a lot in your life time. And fundamentally, whenever you are educating yourself or learning something new, in that case, you should have a notebook with you. Lets put this into practice.


Fundamentally, if the content you are consuming has stories, or lessons that you already know, you should not write them down.

You are always looking for things that inspire that spark. or :aaha" moment. And that can be useful for you in future. Writing in your own words what you have learned is far more important, than to copy and past facts.

Suppose you are reading a book, and you stumble across a amazing passage, you do not write down whole passage, but insights that you have gained. the lesson you learned.

And while writing insight, you will remember a personal story which is not always the case, either your own story or from someone. Try to write that story about how things thing mix into fact.

In my case, i usually remember an encounter that i either read from another book or an video. And lastly, if you have any question, write that down too.

Direction, Not a Rule

This is a direction, not a rule, i do not follow this 100% times. This is not the only way to do this. This isn't written on stone.

I am just giving you some direction so that you guys won't find resistance when you actually try to write insights or open a new notebook.

You can do it any anyway you like.


You don't need a fancy notebook.

And if you are like me, you might already have unused notebooks lying around your home. Collecting dust. For eternity.

Re-open your old notebooks for honoring the beginning of a journey of learning and being a life long learner. For the philosophy behind this, check out my previous video essay.

If you like these types of deep diving video essays, then consider subscribing my YouTube channel. Thank you for reading. :)


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