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Towards thinking better | Mental models

Fundamentally, when you learn something, you get better at thinking (about that thing). That thing is called a mental model.

It's like a way to think about a problem, for example, one of the most favorite mental models is "opportunity cost", which basically means,

  1. If I am going to write an answer to you then I won't be able to talk to my girlfriend.

  2. If I am going to watch a youtube video then I won't be able to read a book.

If you want to know more about mental models, then do read this essay by Shane Parrish. (Who has done a remarkable job in explaining these concepts beyond comprehension.)

And I think reading books are the best way to get more mental models. As I have argued on my youtube channel through video essays.

If you are interested, here are relevant youtube essay videos that I think will help you immensely (and me too haha).


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