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Use Your Books

When I get new textbooks, I would try my best to protect them. I would ask my mom to carefully put covers around new textbooks (because I still don't know how to put a cover around books).

And life happens, the pages of my new textbooks turn brown either from dust or from me accidentally marking something (or my tea did the party). Devastated.

This plant in our brain that having books is itself a goal.

Wrong goal: Carefully collect and secure books.
Right goal: To gain something useful from the books.

Now, anything that is coming between you and your book is putting resistance to your learning. And to full utilization of the book.

Books should be used and make it fully yours. Most love buying books but they don't take notes there. They keep it new. But to extract full value, you must use it.

Take notes. In margin or in back. Underline and write on your book. You should read books as you are having a conversation with the writer.

Make the book really your own.

Use your books.


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