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Video essay: Everything starts with Writing

Overyesterday (if that's a word) I published a video essay arguing that everything starts with the act of writing. And in later life you may find that skill of writing handy to start a new project, that's why you should start to learn this valuable skill of writing by building a body of work.

The idea of this video essay came from watching YouTube videos and 12 angry men.

A great movie needs strong writing

12 Angry Men movie is shot in just one room and it's black in white. Seemingly it may look too old to watch but the writing behind the movie is just beyond comprehension. So to share this perspective I decided to make this video essay.

Youtube video needs writing to back it up

And another thing I noticed is this, if there is no written work done before shooting a video, then I am convinced that it won't create that depth that I find valuable. A YouTube video just made because publishing content won't do well in long term but a video that has a strong script has a better chance of doing well in long term.

Everything starts well with writing. This is a skill worth having, worth improving yourself for,

And don't forget first video essay: writing is also a superpower (the first installment for the "On Writing" series)


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